Learn Carbon Markets: Moss (MCO2)

Learn about Moss, a key provider of carbon market infrastructure.

by Greenwashed

Learn Carbon Markets: Moss (MCO2)
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Moss is a company that provides a liquid, on-chain carbon token (MCO2). They work with projects to generate offsets and bridge them on-chain to create the MCO2 token.

Moss' Offsets

Moss works with projects in the Amazon Rainforest to generate carbon offsets. 🌳

The complete information, including origin, methodology, and vintage, of all offsets that make up MCO2, is available here via KlimaDAO.

Role of the MCO2 Token

The MCO2 token has two critical roles in the on-chain carbon market ecosystem.

First, the existence of MCO2 allows anyone to offset emissions without interacting with the flawed state of the off-chain carbon markets. Through Moss, retiring offsets involves burning MCO2 tokens, ensuring a secure, open retirement process.

Additionally, MCO2 creates liquidity for the on-chain offset ecosystem.

To upgrade from broken market dynamics, putting offsets on blockchains is necessary. However, interacting with individual on-chain representations of offsets is not feasible, especially for large purchases.

MCO2 helps solve this issue by aggregating offsets into a single liquid financial instrument.

Rainforest Reforestation

Through Moss’ exclusive use of REDD+ forestry credits in the Amazon rainforest, MCO2 offsets provide additional benefits to the environment other than the simple sequestering of carbon.

Forestry protection also provides many ecological benefits, such as biodiversity preservation, improvements in the quality of soil, water, and air, as well as the added emissions reduction in preventing the forest from being cleared in service of industrial agriculture. 🌎


Moss and its associated token MCO2 are key instruments in the world of on-chain carbon offsetting. Using an end-to-end system from offset creation to the token sale, Moss provides liquidity and efficiency to the market and helps to continue the carbon markets’ migration to blockchains.

MCO2 can be found on major US exchanges such as Coinbase and Gemini.

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