At Greenwashed, we have two principles that guide our coverage:

  1. The climate crisis is a deeply entrenched problem, but one that is ultimately solvable.
  2. The current state of climate media isn't helping us solve it.

Climate coverage, especially from the mainstream media, misses the mark on achieving what it needs to in order to fuel positive climate action. Too often, they let companies get away with painting terrible ideas green and calling it sustainable, also known as greenwashing.

Simultaneously, however, they're also far too negative. Much of the internet's media is--after all, humans are (some say evolutionarily) addicted to negative media--but this creates a self-fulfilling prophecy that fuels a reduction in positive climate action.

We're setting out to change this.

We can solve the climate crisis, but it's going to be a lot harder if our policymakers, business leaders, and voters are under the impression that we can't. That's why Greenwashed is devoted to covering climate solutions, ranging from disruptive technologies to tracking climate policy to sci-fi-sounding solutions like AI robot bees, mushroom plastic, and wool bubble wrap.

We're optimists, and we hope you'll join us on our journey. Make sure to subscribe to stay updated, and check out our team and the solution we've built as well.